Photos: This is why Reggie Rockstone remains young, energetic and lively


You might be wondering how Grandpapa of hiplife music Reggie Rockstone keeps fit and goes about his daily hustle with all the energy and smile on his face.

Well, aside he exercising, the brother spends quality time with heavily endowed women and trust me, that’s good enough to prolong your life. Dayumn!! You see that picture above? He’s just showing love family.

Have you heard that staring at the boobs of women (legally) is good enough to keep you going? Well, next time you see Grandpapa, ask him and he’ll give you more tips.

Check out some pictures from Reggie Rockstone’s All Black Party that happened over the weekend.

reggie B

RRD RR reggie A Regg Reg Reg A Re Django B9133wUIEAAleh-.jpg large Django RR

That’s what we call Blackstar delight. Enjoy Papa Reggie, lol.

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