These Are The Two Products Nana Ama McBrown Will NEVER Advertise

Almost loved by all, Ghanaian actress and TV personality Nana Ama McBrown would not advertise two products. Guess which two they are!

Considered a hot cake for TV commercials and having shot quite a number of them, one would think Nana Ama McBrown only cares about securing the bag but no, there are commercials she would never shoot or products she would never advertise no matter the amount of money involved.

As monitored by Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture & Urban Entertainment News –, Nana Ama McBrown in an interview with AJ Sarpong on Citi TV explained that actors and actresses just like any individual owe a responsibility to impact society positively.

“I feel every human being must live a positive life but as (actors and actresses) because we are on TV, known by all ages, I feel we have an impact on them and should think of everything we do and where we do it.”

She went ahead to reveal her resolution never to shoot particular TV commercials no matter how big the bag may be.

“As I speak, I’ve vouched never to do any alcoholic or any bleaching cream commercial. These two I would never do no matter the brand or the money involved. The kids know me so well and I pay attention to them so there are a few things I’ve decided not to do”, she said.

Asked if the ban placed on celebrities by the Food And Drugs Authority to advertise alcoholic beverages was a step in the right direction, the beautiful actress revealed she had not paid attention to the details of the ban since she had already decided not to do advertise such products.

She stated that it would still be a no go area even if the ban is lifted.

…I don’t belong to that fight especially since I had resolved never to advertise such products even before the ban. Even if they give way for that, I still wouldn’t do it…

Nana Ama McBrown celebrates 20 years in the showbiz industry in 2021.

Watch the interview from below (skip to 34 mins)

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