Popular Online Shops in Africa

If you told someone that you could order items directly from an online shop and had it delivered to your doorstep a decade ago, no one would believe because the whole idea was incredible then. Well, nowadays online shopping makes peoples lives so easy than ever before, with the internet connection you can buy anything you want with just a point and a click.


Jumia is an e-commerce site that was established in 2012; it is a Nigerian based website. When the company was started, its goal was to become a one-stop-shop in Nigeria only, and it was supposed to provide both online and offline services. Although, this company did not contain itself in the bounds of Nigeria and expanded their reach in 16 different countries of Africa; Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, and Morocco are some countries other than African continent where the platform also does business.

Even after expanding in all the countries, the practices of the company are still top-notch. Jumia delivers the parcel to the destination within 1-5 days. It offers all the 16 states on different occasions and holidays, and it is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Jumia being a popular e-commerce platform, not only contained within the bounds of Africa but also other countries, it has quite a reputation. The perks of such a gigantic platform are that it has a wide range of products to offer and there are so much to choose from, where you can get whatever you want in one place.

The platform is offering delivery on time; within 1-5 days, your order will be at your doorstep because it is pretty much everywhere. If you want to buy Christmas presents for your loved ones or any other occasion, then Jumia is the place to visit.

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Another famous e-commerce company in Africa is Kilimall, that is at the moment operating in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria. The company was launched in Kenya in the year 2014. The e-commerce company is running two operations currently; it is a platform for the African sellers to sell the products online and it also acts a source to bring in products from abroad that are not produced in Africa.

The e-commerce platform of Kilimall currently hosts 500 vendors that are selling different products on the website. Some of the vendors own brick and mortar shops while others are those vendors who are doing business from home. Being ambitious, Kilimall provides its vendors with the facility of warehouses in Nairobi, known as FBK. From the FBK, the products are taken by the delivery services, then delivered via bikes and vehicles to the customers. Kilimall is providing free delivery to local customers within 2-5 days while the international orders are offered at a delivery fee within 30 days.

Kilimall is in Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya, so that means this e-commerce platform covers the East and West Africa. Since the company pas the FBK, the warehousing facility, it means that the local delivery is done in time and it is swift. The platform hosts vendors who have physical shops as well as they work from home meaning that you can go see the product in a physical shop and order it from Kilimall to be delivered at your doorstep, you will be getting what you saw and chose yourself! The websites provide free delivery to local orders which is a great offer.

Kilimall being connected with physical store also benefits the shoppers with the option that you can directly talk to the vendor from the platform and order something you like which you can go and pick up yourself!

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One Day Only

This website is a trendy one simply because like the name suggests they offer products that are on a discounted price for one day only. The website says that they acquire products and reduce the cost and put them on offer for sale on the website for 24 hours before the item is gone. This approach to selling products has made this company a competitor in the eCommerce arena and is popular among people who are always out hunting for good bargains. 

The merits of this website are quite simple. Not only are the products shown two based on your search patterns and what you tend to buy more frequently, but the items for sale are always on a discounted price. The website specializes in selling products for a total of 24 hours and at ridiculously low prices. 

Although the items for sale are not as many as compared to Makro they do offer some seriously low prices on electronic items and home appliances. They even sell things like tents and other stuff. The website is quite useful, especially if you love buying products are low rates or love hunting for bargains.

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