Photos: Thousands Attend Guinness YFM Area Codes Jam in Kumasi


The maiden edition of the Guinness YFM Area Codes Jam held in Kumasi was a huge success as thousands of people thronged the Heroes Park, Amakom Kumasi.

Described as one of the biggest musical concerts in the city in a long while, fans were thrilled to top class performances from Flowking Stone, Cabum, Eno, Strong, Gemini, Lil Shaker and EL.

As part of giving room to new talents, a list of upcoming talents were made to open the show.

Ratty Ratty A Gemini nydjlive Gemini and Lil Shaker nydjlive Flowking Stone nydjlive Flowking Stone and Kuntakinte Flowking Stone and Kuntakinte nydjlive Eno nydjlive EL Crowd Crowd A Cabum Benk Moni

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