People Want to Tarnish our Name – Abraham Ohene Djan

Abraham Ohene Djan
Abraham Ohene Djan

Following publications earlier this week on the alleged malpractices by Ohene Media headed by Abraham Ohene Djan’s, the outfit has issued a statement to lay the facts bare and address particular issues raised in recent publications.

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It has come to our attention that there are some elements in our industry who seem to have an issue with our partnership with YouTube.

This has become evident in the fact that despite the project starting in October 2012 last year. It seems negative stories only emerge from some quarters only when we make an effort to publicizes and promote our online channel and channel management platform.

We believe this is a malicious effort to not only tarnish our name but also to undermine the project, which many artists are benefiting from. We believe this is an effort from some quarter who does not want creative content owners to become aware of that their content is generating revenue online.

We understand that it is impossible to please all the people all the time, so this is to be expected. Especially when one sided stories are published by professional without clarification from both sides.

We have stated in numerous interviews that due to upload issues here in Ghana, we had to do bulk uploads and not all the artists with content on our television channel could be contacted in time, and the efforts in contacting the artists started in earnest and is still on going.

We would like to offer our apologies to any artist whose content is on our platform, who hasn’t been contacted yet. And we are making all effort to streamline all content on our platform either through artist contacting us, or visa-versa. We encourage any artist with any quires to contact us.

Our platform isn’t exclusive and any content owner can have their own AdSense program which many do, and have been quietly earning revenue from uploading other people content without making any payment.

We offer a transparent YouTube channel management partnership with content owner who choose to work with us. We offer training, administration and promotion of channels, which leave creative people to do what they do best ‘to create’. Revenues from channels can be viewed by content owners from their own internet device.

Ohenemedia formally Si-Fex Digital has over the past 20 years played a major role in the music and entertainment industry here in Ghana. And our efforts we believe have contributed greatly to the growth of the industry and continue to do so. Having invested and operated a 100% Ghanaian music channel (without charging to play videos) for the past almost 5 years with no revenue from advertising is testament to our efforts in developing this industry.

We believe in opening up any opportunities available to us to all, not just the artist close our company. Our office is always open to anyone who requires any information regarding this or any other issues.

Our hope is to enlighten artists to the world of possibilities available online.

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