NY DJ Shares Experience After 4 City YouTube Educational Tour; Describes It As Worth It

The past few weeks have been quite a busy but worthy experience for me as I embarked on a four city YouTube educational tour with Ghana’s biggest telecommunications network, MTN.

Initially booked to speak to two groups of people in Kumasi; informal sector workers and the other, students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, I gladly accepted the task not knowing what the future held for me.

I knew teaching students of KNUST how to advance their studies using YouTube would not need so much from me, however, teaching invited guests from the informal sector on how effective YouTube could be to their businesses and why it was important to make good use of the platform in this era of technology looked more like a daunting task especially as this target audience were more of a conservative group who most often preferred to stick to the traditional means of marketing and hardly paid attention to technology and trends.

This challenge would however not let me lose sleep as I fashioned a way to go about it. ‘Dumb it down’ (not derogatory), do a lot more of video illustrations and get them to actively participate during the presentation.

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Fast forward Thursday September 20, 2018, I left the studios of Y102.5FM where I do host RYSENSHYNE, the station’s flagship breakfast show each weekday from 6am to 9am for the McKeown Conference Centre at Asokwa where the seminar was to hold.

On arrival, I saw a number of persons orderly seated awaiting the commencement of the seminar. I could see various associations by closely looking at the branding of their shirts. Guess what? My audience was mainly hairdressers, tailors, mechanics from the Suame Magazine, welders, Prison Warders Association, Police Wives Association and a few other associations.

Wheew! ‘Today is today’, I said to myself gazing at a beautiful young woman seated to my extreme right. In fact, our eyes met. (I guess she was looking at me already)

Introduced by my colleague James Mensah (Papjay 007), I took to the front of the auditorium, (in fact, but for my colleague who is younger than I am, I looked more like the youngest dude in the auditorium) exchanged pleasantries with those seated, reintroduced myself and boom….there we were on a fast lane with all focus on me. I felt like the most important person in the room. (just joking)

Well, things didn’t go as like I envisaged. In fact my audience didn’t look like I had thought of them. They were very cooperative, engaging and followed through all that I shared. Excitingly, I had a number of them create YouTube channels and upload their first trial videos on there right after the seminar. It indeed felt good.

Beaming with smiles as I assisted a few others who needed very personal assistance, Justin (responsible for the organization of the event) walked to me and said “great job. Ready for the second session?” and guess what my answer would be.

We went through the second successfully as well and prepared towards the next day.


As I had envisaged, my audience knew more about what I was tasked to engage them on so the sessions were very easy and interactive. Kindest courtesy MTN, we gave away mobile phones, data and top up cards to various participants who actively engaged in the seminar.

Kumasi City Mall

Engaged by another agency, I joined my good friend Guud Kelly, actor Bill Asamoah and Television presenter Berla Mundi as we spoke about social media, creating content and YouTube. The audience had all manner of people including students, workers of the mall, shop owners, window shoppers etc.

It was indeed a wonderful experience.

What Next?

Knowing very well all was done and feeling fulfilled for having imparted knowledge to several hundreds of people, a call came through from Justin.

“N.Y, are you able to join us in Accra for a similar seminar?” he asked.

I couldn’t decline.

Before I knew, I had not only spoken to hundreds of people just in Kumasi, we had completed a four regional and four city educational tour on YouTube.

In all these tours, there was one question that came from participants. “How do I make money from content I put on YouTube?”.

I might not be able to share that here at the moment but I will share with you some numbers and why it is important that you make good use of YouTube.

  • Founded in 2005, YouTube is the biggest online video platform worldwide featuring a wide variety of user-generated media content.

  • YouTube is the 2nd Most visited website in the world
  • YouTube has 1 Billion of the 3 Billion internet users around the world
  • I Billion watch hours daily
  • Over 400 plus hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute


It was quite majority of the people I interacted with had heard of YouTube and knew a little about it. They often used the platform to stream music videos, watch ‘how to’ content and watch funny clips.


Most of them raised concerns about the high cost of data especially in streaming video content and would wish telecommunication companies did something about it.

Interested in learning about YouTube and blogging, kindly bookmark this page and watch out for a marketplace coming at you soon.

My name is Ebenezer Nana Yaw Donkoh, otherwise known as NY DJ and I’m ready to take you on an educational adventure soon.

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