Listen Up: Kojo Manuel Ft Quamina MP, Shaker & Ginja – Time

Ghana’s finest hypeman & MC, Kojo Manuel is up with some magic with a new single.

The core message of this song is that Time Changes and eventually, life gets better… but with a super catchy rhythm!

This is a message to everyone that’s struggling with their dreams or that of others. It always feels like it won’t change, but time is never stagnant, it always changes so have comfort in that and keep positive energy!

Off his upcoming Manny Yo Tape, a production curated by DopeNation’s B2, the hip-hop jam is very groovy and sets up a very edgy bop that speaks to everyday struggles.

Manny Yo recruits GroundUp’s sensation, Quamina MP.

The perfect touch of BBNZ’s hitmaker, Shaker comes in as he lays a soothing verse that most can relate to with the fierce female rapper/singer Ginja killing it off.

Kojo Manuel comes in at the end to show that he can rap if he wanted to! The song was mixed by the legendary Magnom.

“Time” is a record that speaks to everyone and is a testament to believing in better days and the conscious effort to focus on positivity whiles killing off bad vibes.

Stream from below.

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