Funny Face Vs Lilwin Saga: Emmanuel Adebayor Steps In Eventually

Emmanuel Adebayor is not happy at the turn of events!

Social media has been awash with news of a supposed beef between comic actors Lilwin – Funny Face and Togolese international footballer and a good friend to Ghanaian actor Funny Face,  Emmanuel Adebayor is not enthused with it.

The footballer who has observed the back and forth for a  while has therefore advised his friend to stay away from the negativity since it would not help but rather slow his progress.

This comes about after the actor shared a screenshot of his comment under a video from one actress Sandrah  Ababioh claiming not to have pleaded with Funny to expose anyone around Lilwin.

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An unhappy  Adebayor posted saying “Please Funny Face, you don’t need all this negativity in your life. They are just slowing you down for nothing. Please let’s focus on positivity man. I love you”

The whole brouhaha started when Lilwin in an interview expressed his disgust at organizers of the Ghana Movie Awards for awarding Funny Face as the favourite actor of 2019.

Lilwin quizzed how  Funny Face could be crowned the favourite actor when he (Lilwin), Akrobeto and many others were still active in the industry.

“Does Funny Face deserve a favourite actor? Do you know why his career has gone down the drain?”

Funny would not take such a comment lightly and immediately hit back at Lilwin in a post that has since been deleted.

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