Legendary Obrafour Responds To Ko-Jo Cue’s Passionate Request

Obrafour has a heart of gold and it’s very evident in how he has dealt with almost every young talent that has come his way.

Legendary Ghanaian rap artist Obrafour has responded to a request by BBnZ Live signed artist Ko-Jo Cue to perform with him at the upcoming Pae Mu Ka at 20 Concert.

Ko-Jo Cue, who is a big fan of Obrafour in anย  exclusive interview with NY DJ on BTM Afrika revealed one of his biggest dreams is to perform Ad3n withย  Obrafour and record a song with him.

Speaking on a yet to be released documentary on the life of Obrafour and Hiplife, Ko-Jo Cue said,ย  “Funny enough, nobody from his camp has reached out to me on any level. I would have loved to be part of that documentary but I think they had better people… Ad3n, is the reason I rap. Those are lyrics I can never forget.

I bought every Obrafour album and I still have some. Obrafour is a huge part of my make up. I would love to perform Ad3n with Obrafour someday, if not at the concert, some day”, he said.

Humbled at the words shared by Ko-Jo Cue in the interview, Obrafour expressed his appreciation to the rapper and threw an invitation to former to join him for theย  Concert on November 9.

Watch the full interview from below.