Kanye West Slammed For £1.9 million Performance Fee in Kazakhstan

Kanye West has been blasted for accepting a £1.9 million pay day to perform in Kazakhstan, which Human Rights Watch claim has a ”serious and deteriorating human rights situation”.

The ‘New Slaves’ rapper reportedly received a £1.9 million pay day for staging a private show at the wedding party of President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s grandson, which has outraged charities who are critical of the country’s human rights record.

Kate Allen of Amnesty International said: ”Kazakhstan is a country where Amnesty has concerns about the use of torture.” Billionaire president Nazarbayev has been in control of the country since 1989 and is said to rule with an iron fist.

Human Rights Watch are concerned about Kazakhstan’s ”serious and deteriorating human rights situation”.

They claim it includes ”credible allegations of torture, the imprisonment of government critics, tight controls over the media and freedom of expression and association, limits in religious freedom, and continuing violation of workers’ rights”.

Kanye performed at a party following the wedding of Aysultan Nazarbayev and Alima Boranbayeva. The groom is the president’s youngest son. ‘Fields of Gold’ singer Sting has previously pulled out of performing in Kazakhstan in a move of solidarity with supposed human rights violations against oil workers. He said:

”Hunger strikes, imprisoned workers and tens of thousands on strike represents a virtual picket line which I have no intention of crossing.

”The Kazakh gas and oil workers and their families need our support and the spotlight of the international media on their situation in the hope of bringing about positive change.”

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