Jon Germain to marry Nadia in July


Jon Germain has indicated his wedding to the beautiful Nadia Jeong will come off in the month of July, when they both have their birthdays.

Germain who is in his late thirties, on Valentine’s day posted a gorgeous photograph of Nadia on Instagram with the caption, “NADIA Life has been more than I dreamt of from the day I met you.. you are my dream come true.. It’s been almost 3 years.. you have made me a very happy man.. I never thought anyone could love me this much. and I love them this much…. I really can’t think of anyone I will love to spend the rest of my life with.. PLEASE WILL YOU DO ME THE HONOR OF BEING MY WIFE?”

Nadia, excited and surprised by the gesture accepted the virtual proposal with the words: “Oh My God… Jon… Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I love u baby…”

The two have been dating for close to three years. Speaking via phone on the Starr Entertainment News segment of the Starr Drive, the King of R&B who once declared how “crazy in love” he is with the publicist said their decision to spend the rest of their lives together is “now official”.

He said: “Very soon, I think around June, it could be late June it could be early July. It could be July as well because that’s my birthday and her birthday is in July as well so…”

When asked by TV host Stacy Amoateng who was a guest on the segment Monday afternoon, “What she did” to get him to propose, Jon, obviously swoon by Nadia stammered his way through a response.

“I’m not so sure. Probably eerrmmm… it’s a lot, we’ve been together for a while so… You see, I’m not so sure maybe you probably have to ask her”.

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