Jay Foley mounts search for a new lady??

One might be tempted to ask questions as to why J. Foley, CEO of 2131 Records and host of 4Syte TV would mount a search for “that chic with the best figure/shape in GH” despite the public perception of what is said to be an amorous relationship with Jeremie who until recent times was a presenter of Yfm 107.9MHz jay_foley

Taking to facebook on Saturday morning, J. Foley said,

I’m gonna look for that chic with the best figure/shape in GH

That’s gonna be my task……….. and what im gonna do with that person, btwn Me and Her…


Well, J. Foley could only be joking since he employed “lolz” so I guess Jeremie can now rest assured Jay is not setting up a competition.

It is quite unclear what the young hardworking Ghanaian would be doing with this new “chic” as he says, “what I’m gonna with that person, btwn Me and Her.”

All the best in your search and remember, eyes are watching.

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