I Still Ask My Mum For Money – MzVee

How long have you yearned to be like that favourite celebrity? Well, the truth that many (but for myself) shy to tell you is that, most of them are living ‘borrowed’ lives. I mean they smile to the cameras and go home to cry.

Yes! That’s the reality. But for a few who make decent money and prefer to show off, majority of them are no different from the average Ghanaian who so much wants to swap places with them.

On the back of this, a recent research has shown that about 99% of celebrity lifestyles exhibited are nothing but fake lifestyles and Ghanaian dancehall artist MzVee tends to agree.

MzVee born Vera Hameno-Kpeda, revealed she was unshaken by the statistics because ladies in showbiz are not likely to surmount the pressure that comes with the craft hence the temptation to keep up appearances.

The “Natural Girl” made this known when she joined MzGee on Joy Prime’s entertainment show, Gee Spot, to discuss the authenticity of ‘Celebrity lifestyles’.

Responding to the findings made by an anonymous researcher that says 99% of celebrities who faked their flamboyant lifestyles were females, MzVee said, “I won’t be shocked”.

“Girls, we are a different breed, we have too many things going on with us and girls live by what they hear and how they feel. Girls easily fall for pressure. If you are not brought up with that confidence and you don’t have people who keep telling you being you is 100% enough you will fall really easily,”  MzVee continued.

She opined she’ll rather live a very free life than to be pressured into living in someone’s shadow and that she still asks her mum for money.

“I live a sustainable lifestyle. I am who I am. I am not living out of my means. I have my car, I have my home, I’m good. I still ask for my mum for money and she also collects from me when she wants”, she laughs over it.

Written by Ebenezer Donkoh with additional wording from Myjoyonline.com.

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