Feature: I Say Without Apology, Delay is A Big Fat Liar!!

I had keenly followed this whole brouhaha about Wanlov’s supposed expose on TV3 which got the whole nation talking. Perhaps, one of the biggest stories in March 2012 which exposed the greatest loophole in the Ghanaian media circus. From ignorance exhibited by most radio presenters to bloggers and to that ordinary Ghanaian who just heard the news and concluded because everyone was talking about it.  delay

Not to bother you with all my long talk, it seems so funny to me when the host of the show Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay in a recent interview with KSM on Thank God it’s Friday told a blatant lie to the whole world stating that the unedited video for the show somehow got leaked and as a result the nationwide controversy that erupted.

Leaked by who? The last time I checked, “leak” meant “an unofficial release of confidential information, usually to the media” but Delay’s case was not the same unless she would deny tweeting under the handle @virgindelay or perhaps the usual crap our popular people tell us “My account was hacked” after they tweet unnecessary stuff.

It must also be emphasized that the whole production was done by Delay’s media house and as such no one had access to the uncut versions but for her and the production team.

Prior to broadcasting the censored video on TV3 that fateful Saturday, I read an article on OMG Ghana which gave me a fore knowledge of a supposed expose by Wanlov so I somehow knew what to expect on the show that day. This was later followed by a tweet by Delay under the handle @virgindelay which clearly stated her intentions of releasing the unedited version of the video on YouTube. The tweet was later deleted but I dare Delay to deny knowledge of this and I will put it up thanks to my snipping tool.

It is so unclear reasons behind her quest to release the unedited version of that particular interview on YouTube but I really find it very disturbing to the tell the whole world such a blatant lie on national television alleging the video somehow got leaked.

Remember your own words could be used against you especially what you put on social media and don’t forget some of us are wild awake observing. Delay needs to apologize to all the viewers for using that platform to peddle lies.

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