I Don’t Have A Problem With People Trying To Look Like Me But…

Ghanaian music star Kuami Eugene feels blessed to have people who want to look, talk and sing like him.

The musician who has in the past years met several of his lookalikes believes he can’t do without them as it forms a part of showbiz.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with NY DJ on Y102.5FM in Kumasi, the Take Away hitmaker said;

“It’s just beautiful to have almost every young boy growing up wanting to be like you. People want to sound like me, dress like me etc. Not everyone gets that so it’s a blessing to me,” he said.

Kuami Eugene however has a challenge and that’s when such lookalikes move beyond having fun into impersonating him.

“There’s only a problem when people start going in for money to impersonate me. When someone goes out there to make money off your hard work or sweat, that’s when it’s illegal. It’s always fun till you’re caught on the wrong side of the law.”

He, therefore, threw in a word of advice to all lookalikes saying;

“If you’re out there having fun, go ahead but please don’t go impersonating me”

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