Guest Blog: Sarkodie & Manifest Beef Healthy For GH Music But Deadly For Their Careers

Sarkodie Vrs Manifest
Well the battle line has been drawn, shots have been fired and as to if Manifest will yield to the fans demand and reply is up to him. Till then, let’s all sit back and enjoy the lyrical warfare.

Couple of weeks ago none would have imagined the sudden on-going ‘word wave’ between Sarkodie & Manifest but then again that is what rap music does.

Before it all began, Sarkodie had premiered his mini movie-music ‘Bossy’, the single released simultaneously with its video perfectly spelled out the four letter word DOPE. Again, the song with its exceptional Jayso production exhibited the Tema rappers lyrical potency, his flow especially proved Sark just turned up the notch and was not slowing down anytime soon.

Then Manifest out of nowhere releases ‘godMC’, the single equally awed most music lovers and has since sparked what has come to be known as the ‘game of flows’.

The single (godMC) at first glance seemed to have been genuinely appreciated for its poetic & lyrical dexterity laced by MDot on a funk classical beat. But then social media got talking, the beef speculations, comparisons and thesis began and as usual the topic changed. Even EL was pulled into the fray at a point in time. This hostility surfaced when EL in an interview after the VGMA’s touted PaeDae as a dope rapper and argued he or the former should have won ‘Rapper Of The Year’ instead of Sark.

But with Manifests’ release the arguments got heated, one in favour of King Sark aka Bossy and on the other side fans of rapper M.anifest who self-acclaimed the title godMC.

The beef saga pretty much escalated like wild fire on social media; the two tracks serving as reference, lines from godMC was linked to sarkodie’s bossy and interpreted as diss. Even fans threw shots at each other just to back claims.

A few of the notable lyrics that sparked the whole beef/diss argument had fans pit the ff verses from Bossy and godmc;

Sarkodie: Mehn I’m feeling bossy.
Manifest: When the boss is around who can boss around?

Sarkodie: I’m a king, but I don’t feel like I gotta wear a crown
Manifest: What’s a king to a god MC?

Sarkodie: It’s all about the emotions bro f**k the bars.
Manifest: These no be bars. I’m just passing time

Sarkodie: Manifest, mesr3 wo lemme just, use your dododotido to end this verse.
Manifest: Go to the market and buy yourself some manners. Don’t use my name in vain, that’s just for starters.

Though none of the rappers involved had officially confirmed any on-going beef or ill feel between them, Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta’ upon its release might as well be the fuel that will keep the beef topic in the headlines for a while.

Yea as expected ‘Kanta’ was an aggressive, raw spirited flow by Sarkodie where he made it clear he was in for the kill and wasn’t beating about the bush.

Despite the smart play of beefs which had Sark not directly calling out M.anifest, most lines from his flow was quickly linked to MDot, thus ‘Kanta’ was simply tagged the ‘Reply’ or Manifest diss song.

The song has since spurned its own debate, Afrocentric, GTP, Pro bono and other few key words have been highlighted for discussion as fans weigh in on both tracks to determine who killed it. Since it is now two songs (bossy & Kanta) to one (godMC) most are calling for M.anifest to reply then we can adjudge who actually won the beef.

Well, ‘Beefing’ is no new phenomenon in Ghana’s music industry. Right from the days of Obrafour and Lord Kenya, Chicago and Ex-Doe, Obrafour and Okyeame Kwame, Kontihene & Kwaw Kese to the recent Samini and Shatta Wale, Ghanaians have been served a taste of each music star having a go at another. Even there was that time Asem single handily faced a host of TM emcees.

Over the years, each beef has come with its own characteristics leading to numerous reactions. Considering a few, I think currently the rap beef between Sarkodie and Manifest might be ironically healthy for the music scene but deadly for their careers.

What we’ve clearly seen since the Sark-Fest beef erupted is massive publicity; even the prime time socio-political centered news rooms can’t escape the beef headline. The discussion has moved from social media, to offices and as expected ended up in homes. This indirectly generates airplay, there can’t be discussions about the beef without having to play the songs and it won’t be complete if you only choose to play one and that might ironically help push the songs. As the days go by people are getting curious about both acts and that is generating more airplay rotation for them.

Also, another healthy factor is fans and music enthusiasts in general are automatically getting familiar with rap music. Though rap beefs are usually discussed by rap heads, the level of influence both acts possess has attracted interest from even the non-rap loving folks. Aside that, awareness about key elements like punch lines, flows, metaphors, rhyme and what rap stands for is being passed on. With how the discussion is going you are bound to learn something about rap by just following the whole beef saga and that will in turn develop the love for more rap fans.

However, one career threatening aspect of this beef is the said rappers are expected to up their game in the shortest possible time. Expectations are high, no fan wants to see his fav rapper tagged wack and this if not carefully calculated might put pressure on rappers to prove more. Since it’s a rap beef, others rappers might be tempted to also prove a point as such the least mistake could be damaging.

The most intriguing part of beefs since Hiphop/freestyle battle was birthed way in the ghettos of America is no rapper wants to come out as the loser or the more recently coined L, like we saw with Drake & Mek Mill. On the other hand, beefs get boring when a winner can’t be announced and this may force unsubstantiated verdicts that may affect one’s career just for getting an L. Interestingly, once you declared a loser; it is likely your music won’t be taken serious. You will always be tagged that rapper who lost the beef maybe till you miraculously drop a way dope banger that will make the fans forget, yea that’s what rap is, it is ‘street’.

What they also ought to understand is once you get started there is no stopping, already there is a hashtag calling for Manifest to reply barely hours after Sarkodie released Kanta. Reputations are on the line not forgetting the harsh criticisms and ‘insults’ that come with it. Without this beef fracas, most people passing pun intended comments wouldn’t have dared to take Sark’s name into the gutters but it is what it is now and that is one negative turn beefs can take rappers.

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