Edem Releases “GO HARDER” featuring Stone Bwoy

Throughout the years as an artiste, Edem has grown to show how daring he can be when it comes to ‘versatility’. He is, so far, the only to have ventured into more than than two genres of music on the continent. Combining Hip-Life, Hip-Hop and Reggae, Edem raps, sings and ragga’s with a sublime touch of ‘patois’. He has broken boundaries and carried along his native ‘ewe’ lingua to the world front.

In recent developments, the Volta Regime Music Group mogul is ready to release a dancehall single. Now, everyone will ask, ‘Edem on a dancehall tune?’. Yes! Edem on a dancehall tune. This genius knows no limits. Edem

Just recently when he begun introducing himself as an artiste who’s craft leans on the word ‘versatile’, has dared to try a new genre of music once more and this time, it’s dancehall. One might ask again, ‘Does he think he can do dancehall music because he is now into Reggae music too?’ again, the very concerned fans will ask, ‘Is that not dangerous for him as an artiste, to be trying new genres one after the other?’, but the believing ones will just say, ‘He can do it!’.

Edem is ready to blow Ghanaians away with his bravery. Not long ago, he jumped on a Pat Thomas High-Life classic to deliver severed rap lines. Everybody loved it, for he made it sound effortless.

He has been able to switch between Rap and Reggae, so successfully with perfection that, anyone who listens to either a rap or reggae song of his first will think he is a major, only in one of those genres. And that is the master combination.

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