Chris Brown’s Smoking On Stage Was An Act – Charter House

Organizers of the ‘Hope City Concert’ which featured US R&B sensation, Chris Brown, have denied allegations that the star Brown smoked marijuana on stage. Media publications and sections of the general public have criticized the sponsors, rLG Communications and organizers of the show, Charter House for permitting the American singer to smoke the illegal substance on stage and also for allegedly calling on his audience to do same. chris-brown

However, the Executive Director of Charter House, Theresa Ayowade speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show denied the allegations and described the purported action as “an act from a song.”

Chris Brown did a series of acts on stage and this act in question which you are talking about is an act from a song; an act about a dual personality; should I do this or should I not? He did not smoke weed on stage. It was a cigar that he did a demo with.

She maintained, “he didn’t just come on stage to smoke and declare it a free for all and I’ve heard people say that he should be arrested; no, no, no! It was a delivery of an act on stage. If you are doing a stage play and it calls for a role to be played like that, it will be played.

We had so many people on stage who saw exactly what went on. We had Bola Ray, we had DJ Black, we had so many personalities who were around that area.”

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