Birthday!! Wanlov D Kubolor is 34 years today


Today marks the 34th birthday of a certain FOKN Boi who needs no introduction perhaps for his somewhat contoversial nature. A guy who cares not about your religion and touches on the nerves of so many for his comments on religion.

The buttocks watcher, bare foot walker, father of many children (just like Abraham) and husband to perhaps none of the mothers, lol. In fact, an Afro Gypsy. The only person who could tell me that my ex-girlfriend had a nice skin colour even from afar.

In case you still wondering, I mean Wanlov D Kubolor, the Romanian born Ghanaian raised wrapper (he wears wrappers) and rapper whose sense of creativity is unparalleled in the annals of Ghanaian showbiz.

Wanlov D Kubolor celebrates his 34th birthday today and wishes him the best life ever has to offer perhaps one more child on a different continent.

I’m just imagining the shape of a birthday cake he would receive today as he had that of a guitar last year. Check picture of cake from last year.

Today my stomach will play many chords...u r all somehow invited
Today my stomach will play many chords…u r all somehow invited

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