Asem’s Weight Loss Ns No News And Lemme Tell YOU Why

The past 48 hours has seen Ghanaian rapper Nana Wiafe Asante-Mensah otherwise known as Asem become the most talked about celebrity on social media. His crime? He embarked on a ‘weight loss’ journey that perhaps took him off the eyes of many Ghanaians who either refused to follow his journey or close their minds to him because he was no longer churning out the hit songs.

With many surprised at what they term a ‘SUDDEN’ weight loss, I find it interesting especially when this journey started back in 2014 with several articles written on him here on (Type Asem into the search bar and read all about him)

On August 28, 2014, prior to the release of his single, I wrote an article with the headline,Photo: What happened to Ghanaian Rapper Asem? In this article, I shared a photograph of the musician who looked anything but different from the Asem we all knew. The picture went viral generating a lot of talks just like it has started again. Some blogs went to the extent of alleging that the musician was on drugs. Other stated he was perhaps broke hence the total change in physique.

Asem after reading all the reports responded in an article dated September 5 2015 Asem condemns media reports that states he looks sick. He denied any involvement in drugs and stated he was not as sick as being reported. He disclosed he was only being careful with his diet and was on a healthy life plan.

10 days later, he detailed what he had been up and disclosed he was readying to push unto the market a Celebrity Fitness Guide and Nutritional Products which would go a long way to help others who wished to slim down the natural way. Well, almost two years down the line, nothing has been heard of the said products and guidelines.

In March 2015, although news surrounding his alleged drug addiction had died down, the rapper in a post on Facebook stated They’d say I’m doing coke if they knew the life I’m living.

Later in May 2015, Asem despite all the bad press stayed strong and stated the negativity could and would never break him.

All this while, the musician kept releasing a number of singles and covers which could not really blow up perhaps because the music terrain down here in Ghana had changed and he was far disconnected from it. Some of the singles included Carolina (Love Rocks Cover), More Fylla, Komla (a tribute dedicated to the late broadcaster Komla Dumor).

Is it therefore not surprising that Ghanaians will jump at the artist to make him a laughing stock at this point in time? Well, it is a plus for him as it has built a heavy buzz surrounding his upcoming single Yoyo.

I can’t wait to hear the new song and watch the video, as well as a few behind the scene photographs available to us, indicate there will be some b**ty action.

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