Albums Embody Who Artists Truly Are, Don’t Sleep On Them – King Promise

Despite a growing trend of Ghanaian albums not making the strides they deserve and being slept on, King Promise believes artists must not look down on making and releasing albums.

With a debut album As Promised credited to his name, the CCTV hit maker in a radio interview with NY DJ revealed albums are essential and are usually a representation of what an artist is made of.

He therefore called on artists not to overlook the importance of albums to their careers and also asked fans to appreciate albums.

“Everyone loves the singles but when your’e able to give them a project  and  you give them a good project it will last for a long while . That’s while we still listen to Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede, Lilwin”, he said.

He explained the only time musicians could share the many different sides of themselves was on an album hence the need to work on albums.

Asked how he feels about his debut album, King Promise said;

“…Albums really help people delve into you. Albums help you put the different sides of you tother…”

He also spoke on why albums may not be a big thing to a number of fans.

“On albums, people get to pick songs they like  and not necessarily all the songs. I like Drake but not I may not necessarily like all the songs on Drake’s albums . Everyone tends to find his own on an album.”

With a number of collaborations on his album, King Promise revealed none of them was planned as they all fell into place as an when it mattered.

“The universe has a way of brining everyone together  when the time is right. The right people came long my line and it just came out like that”

Watch King Promise’s fun interview on RYSENSHYNE with NY DJ.

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