Ain’t there No Bloggers and Publicists Outside Accra and Tema? – Dr Cryme Asks

Probably writing this article as a blogger and publicist from the Garden City of Kumasi might be enough to answer the question posed by Ghanaian musician Dr Cryme despite the huge challenges faced by bloggers and publicists in environments which see such a venture as a waste and “nonsense”. dr-cryme

Dr Cryme on Thursday April 11th 2013 asked a question that has always dawned on me;

Apart from Tv/Radio, I hardly hear News (Entertaiment) from other part of Gh. #Always Accra-Tema..y Aint der no bloggers??

It is quite evident that most entertainment events held in Kumasi and other parts of the nation are hardly heard off but for radio discussions and TV, a challenge which is no fault of bloggers and publicists in these areas.

Writing from the background of a blogger, publicist, radio presenter, DJ with an experience in working with an event organizing stalwart in Kumasi, I can clearly state that most event organizers in Kumasi do not see the place of bloggers and publicists in an era where most information on events are picked online.

Most event organizers in Kumasi only care about making their money after events and not the message that is carried out by anyone. I felt very amazed when Juliet Ibrahim and his production house “carried” the likes of Ameyaw Debrah, Ebenezer Anangfio, Francis of Graphic Showbiz and many others to Kumasi for the premier of one of her movies at the Golden Tulip, Kumasi City; something that will never happen in Kumasi by event organizers, at least not for now but perhaps in some twenty years to come.

I remember asking an event organizing stalwart in Kumasi to invite bloggers and publicists for an event which was to be held in Kumasi and your guess is good as mine.

It is very pathetic the number of entertainment activities that run in the Garden City without the world hearing of them. Bloggers and Publicists really have no place in the showbiz in the industry in Kumasi, at least not for now.

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