Xbox 720 controller to feature a ‘Share’ button just like PS4, report claims

Microsoft’s new Xbox controller will feature a ‘Share’ button allowing gamers to upload highlights to YouTube and social media, according to rumours on Friday.

Sound familiar? It should do. If you’ve been paying attention recently you’ll know Sony recently announced that very feature for its forthcoming PS4 console at a glitzy New York event in February. Xbox-controller

Now Polygon reports that Microsoft will be aping the feature and highlighting an emphasis on social sharing when it announces the new Xbox on May 21st, as the company confirmed this week.

According to the report, the new Xbox will act like a DVR and record all gaming activity – a feature that can apparently be switched on and off.

Apparently the DVR can be set to begin recording when certain things happen in games – like collecting an achievement or nailing a headshot in FPS games. The report claims only next-gen games will support the feature.

The special emphasis on social sharing will manifest itself through a dedicated Share button on the controller, the report claims, which will give users access to the DVR where they can, access, trim and share the footage with the world.

Those highlights could be posted to Facebook and Twitter, as well as dedicated video services like YouTube and according to Polygon’s sources.

Beyond the social sharing revelations, Polygon’s report added an interesting element to the debate over whether the Xbox 720 will require constant internet connectivity in order to play games.

The supposed DRM measure has been met with staunch opposition, but the Polygon report suggests only a one-time authentication of games may be required in some cases, rather than a constant connection. The report claims Microsoft will leave that decision up to individual developers.

The report also suggests a huge revamp of Xbox Live achievements, which would allow developers to have more control by setting specific challenges and offering cross platform achievements. Head over to Polygon for the full story.

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