Windows 8.1 Sneak Peak Available to all for free now


Microsoft is offering all Windows users a sneak peek at the new Windows 8.1 OS update, available to download from today.

In line with the Windows 8.1 unveiling at the Microsoft Build Developers conference that starts today in San Francisco, Microsoft is releasing a sneak peek to anyone that’s interested.

The Windows 8.1 is aimed at developers and Microsoft partners, but Microsoft has decided to offer it to everyone from today.

Exactly eight months since the Windows 8 OS launched for tablets, desktops and laptops, Microsoft is unveiling the 8.1 update that will address the issues consumers had with the current desktop OS.

Although a large number of the new Windows 8.1 features have already been showcased by Microsoft, the software giant will use the three-day-long Build conference to offer developers the chance to learn more about the OS update and potentially the reasoning behind it too.

One of the main features of Windows 8.1 will be the return of the Start Button and the traditional desktop mode. Windows 8.1 will allow users to bypass the tablet-style Windows 8 layout at launch, instead booting up to the standard desktop, complete with that oh-so-missed Start Button.

A Windows 8.1 video preview showcasing several of the new features was released by Microsoft earlier this month.

It revealed several of the features of the soon to be released OS update, including the addition of new Live tile sizes, motion accents for the background and the option of having a user generated picture backdrop behind the live tiles.

Windows 8.1 Search is new as well and is more akin to the OS X Spotlight search on Apple devices than ever before. It offers optimised search functionality, pulling results from the web and the PC itself.

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