Lifestyle: 9 Types Of Friends A Woman Doesn’t Need

While there’s something beautiful about a good friend, there’s something really real about Drake’s “No new friends” way of thinking, especially when the new additions act more like frenemies than homies. The usual bad friends might do outright, obvious seedy things to you, but the following friends show their distaste for you or can be a burden to you in subtle ways. Here are nine that will work your good nerves and turn on you if you don’t check them early.


The Competitive Girlfriend

Just when you have something good going on that you want to share with your girlfriends, you find that there’s that one girlfriend who really isn’t all that happy for you. Not only is she not happy for you, but she has to compare your success to her own. Just got a raise? They have something to brag about at work. Seeing a new guy? So are they! Small world, eh? Not. While you see new things and happenings in your life and the life of your friends as a positive, this friend for some reason thinks folks are trying to steal all the shine.

The Questionable Motives Friend

Ever had a friend who you told some information to, and somehow it ended up in the hands of other people? Or what about the one who constantly has to apologize for doing shady things to you, but you keep giving them a chance and they keep behaving badly? You never know why they want to be your friend or what they’re looking for because they constantly change up and turn on you. It’s probably because they aren’t looking to really be buddy-buddy. They’ve got other plans. Some friends often clearly behave in ways that make them more a frenemy than a trusted comrade, and while they might seem to be down for you, they’re trying to turn your friends against you, flirt with your man or just paint you as a bad person. Run!

The Friend Who Has Problems They Won’t Talk About, But Take It Out On You


They’re hurt about something, and you might ask what’s wrong, but for some reason, they don’t want to talk about it. That would be all fine and dandy if it weren’t for the fact that their behaviour all of a sudden changes big time, and they decide to cut you (and sometimes your circle of friends) off. Sometimes new chapters in everyone’s lives, including watching your friends get jobs, start families and more, can stress people out to the point that they feel hurt or like they’re being left behind. While it’s always okay to say that and talk with your girlfriends, those who choose to turn on you or take their anger or insecurities out on you for your success aren’t needed in your life.

The Friend That Puts You In Uncomfortable Positions More Than Once

You try to be a good friend and go to parties, or lounges, or barbecues with your girlfriend, but it’s this same girlfriend that will require you to take care of her if and when she gets a little too inebriated. And let’s not forget her setting you up with a terrible dude who was totally the opposite of your type more than once. Or what about if she takes you places without your own form of transportation where you end up feeling uncomfortable but can’t leave? She knows what you don’t like but continues to ignore all that. Run from these wild children…

The Secretive Homey

I think we’ve seen “friends” like this a great deal on reality television. They know something, or they did something with a past boyfriend or current boyfriend and they decide to either bring it up at the worst time, or they don’t bring it up at all. This also includes the friend who saw something your boyfriend did and decides they don’t want to tell you because they think you’ll take it out on them. This girlfriend believes that just because they don’t inform you of something doesn’t mean they lied, but they’re ultimately hard to trust. What could they be hiding next?

The Friend That Doesn’t Take No Well…

I’ve always been one to say “Yeah, I’ll go” even when I wanted to say, “Hell no, I’d rather go to bed,” just because I didn’t want people to think I was always bailing on them or not a good friend. But sometimes a woman has to say no just so you can have “me time” and not spend a whole week stressing over plans you wish you hadn’t made for the weekend. However, that doesn’t mean this friend will take it well. From their short replies or decisions to not pick up your phone calls after the fact, this girlfriend takes everything a little too personally.

The Friend That Hates Everything That’s Outside Of Their Comfort Zone

Some people just don’t like to do things that they didn’t suggest. And while it’s okay to not be a fan of something, there’s nothing more annoying than a person who whines about everything and wants to go home at the drop of a hat. While you always would love for your friends to tag along with you to do things, who wants to go anywhere with a constant complainer?

The All Talk But No Action Friends

You guys can’t seem to plan for anything and go anywhere. Ever wanted to go on a trip? Or go to an event? And while you were all excited, and your friends seemed like it too, they could never seem to get on board and take things seriously? How can we plan a trip if you don’t follow through with looking up transportation or hotels? How can we go to an event when you never told me what time you would be ready and don’t return calls? Why are you the only person who bought a ticket to go on this “bestie getaway!” happening next month? And people wonder how some women can take solo vacations. Simple…because it’s easier when you only have to deal with and worry about planning for yourself.

The Person Who Talks More Than They Listen

I learned this is a real problem from my sister. She has a friend who can ramble for days about who she’s sick of and what’s going on with her, but can’t for the life of her, stop and ask about anybody else. It’s become so bad that my sister said she found herself unintentionally tuning out because this woman would fuss about the same situations over and over. It’s one thing to always listen to offer someone advice, but when it’s a regular occurrence that your friend doesn’t care to ask what’s going on with you, you might have a problem.

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