Why Predy-X Omane deserves to win #MadeOfBlack Commando competition


Before I outline my reasons why I think the rising star from Ghana should win, I will want to compliment MTV Base, Guinness and ODG Music for this initiative.

I think it is a creative step to outshine promising music talents in Africa. Not every artiste can sing covers as they do in some music reality shows. There are many young acts that can originally create so well and this platform pivots such acts.

I’m sure many entries have been received by the promoters. As an entertainment pundit, I want to share my reasons why I think Predy-X Omane should be chosen as the winner.


I listen to the song and I can sense an African touch. He prides as an Ashanti, Ghanaian and African. These are traits to relate to when you listen to his version. Nevertheless, the Afro slangs and jargons he infused in the song. With reference to the geographical terms of the competition I believe Predy-X Omane in melody tells every listener his origin.


He carries the song like he owns the song, and rather featuring Fuse ODG. It is ironic to hear the

song and believe it is for Fuse ODG. Predy-X Omane in the best of his music elements lays a verse and a bridge to go with in the space left by the right owner of the song. Musically, it conforms to the ability to create well. One more thing that excites me is his ad-lib and harmony over the hook and bridge. His ride over the beat was on timing with a clear diction to his lyrics.


He relates to the theme perfectly with some level of energy. A right blend of arrangement in his delivery tells you that this young artiste is a future star. There is some positivity in his composition and I believe one key factor to the Made of Black campaign is to empower young aspiring achievers in Africa.


In my research about him, I discovered he owns a home studio and produces most of his music by himself. If he co-mixed Black Commando, then I must commend him because his vocals were well executed technically.

Media Appeal:

I use social media frequently and this entry by Predy-X Omane has gone viral. Every active blogger has a publication of it. Online users share, blog and tweet on it. It is also gaining air play on

radio and that is an indication that it is a good piece.

Have spoken to some people who have heard the song and some confessed it actually introduced them to #MadeOfBlack competition. This is a testimony that good music travels and can stand the test of time and reach a larger audience.


I endorse Predy- X Omane and I believe most music lovers and entertainment analyst will share in my sentiment. News recently showed that Fuse ODG even endorsed his work on TV3.

Let’s rally around great promising stars like Predy-X Omane in Africa. Good luck to the other young artiste who entered the competition. May the best deserving act win!

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