Where is Castro? – A Plus writes a letter to Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

It’s been 10 days already since the end of September and as it stands, Dr. Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who needs no introduction for his recent utterances is yet to make known the whereabouts of disappeared Ghanaian hiplife artist Castro and his friend Janet Bandu contrary to what he said earlier. a-plus

Well, just like many who have questions to ask, Ghanaian musician A Plus also seems worried and quite known for writing “letters”, he pens down one for the learned man.

Read from below the unedited piece he shared on Facebook;

“Today is Friday, the 10th day of October and the last time I’m writing about the disappearance of Castro and Janet. Some people have sent me inbox messages asking me to forget about Lawyer Maurice Ampaw and the Castro saga. I’m very sorry I’d have to disappoint you one more time and promise that this is the last time I will write about it if Lawyer Ampaw will do the honorable thing.

The reason why I have issues with Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is that, as a well letter man, he failed to understand and apply the simple English word “PROCEDURE.” Lawyer Ampaw’s discrediting of the work of the entire Ghana Police Service which had spent days investigating the mysterious disappearance in a rush to make selfish attention seeking capital out of this unfortunate incident is totally unacceptable.

It is very amazing that Lawyer Ampaw, a man of his status claimed that the police had done a bad job by not arresting everyone who was part of the trip when he as a lawyer knows very well that this country is a democracy with a constitution and the police have a criminal code to follow. He also pretended to be ignorant of the fact that the police have various ways of conducting investigations….. not necessarily arresting people and questions them but by also sending ununiformed men to the crime scene to conduct undercover investigations.

Most people didn’t understand why I posted some of the things I posted on Facebook about Lawyer Maurice Ampaw.
I agree that at a point I used some strong words like dumb which was below the belt and unnecessary. I sincerely apologize for that. But I must say I was overwhelmed by the fact that Lawyer Maurice Ampaw’s so called investigations was based mostly on what he is said to have heard from Akoo Nana, (A musician) My mechanic and very good friend Charles and one fetish priest at Ada. The spiritual information he had received was more credible as compared to what the investigators said. How sad.

Lawyer Ampaw went ahead to state categorically that he was going to tell the world the whole truth about the incident, making claims that suggested that Asamoah Gyan had a hand in the disappearance. I know lawyers and how they talk and was amazed that a lawyer could make such unsubstantiated conclusions. I don’t know if Lawyer Ampaw is aware that 17 years ago, an expatriate (Whiteman) went jet skiing at the same place and has never been found. It is possible that Castro and Janet would never be found.

Today is 10th October, 10 days after his deadline. Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, where is Castro and Janet? Why haven’t you openly said you were deceived or you want more time to unravel this mystery?

Most people take Ghanaian for fools. They say thing discrediting governments, individuals and institutions and get away with it.

Like Bob Marley said; You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people sometimes but it is never possible under the sun to fool all the people all the time.

Lawyer Ampaw must allow institutions in this country to work. He must also apologize to the Ghana Police service and Ghanaians and encourage people to support and have faith in the service. As for this kind of “intellectual masturbation,” (Saying things to please himself) I’m sure he has learnt his lesson.

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