(Watch video) BBA Hotshots: First kiss, first scandal

BBA hotshots

Yes!! It was only a matter of time as I knew this will happen.

It only takes a little alcohol to bring out loads of personality. Whether authentic or not is neither here nor there but there is nothing quite like the affect that alcohol had on housemates behaviour after the party.

The new love-birds Mira and Luis joined their fellow love compatriots Nhlanhla and Sheillah to cool down after that work out on the dance floor. But under the influence the couples quickly turned into the awesome foursome, replete with enough scandal to raise the blood sugar levels.

It all started when the frolicsome Mira saddled her beau as they locked lips in full view of the couple on the other side of the road. Luis couldn’t have been more chuffed while Nhlanhla and Sheillah stroked and held each other closer.

When Luis disappeared for a moment Mira sauntered over to the couple, whispered “I’ve always wanted to kiss you” and laid a sensual kiss on her ‘scheme’ Nhlanhla. The two enjoyed the steamy moment with Sheillah looking on.

The game was on from here on.

It wasn’t long before Luis smelled a rat and his high plummeted. You’ll remember he shared a personal experience of being jilted by a girl, so how could this be happening to him again?

The couples entered into a tricky dynamic after that with Luis rebuffing Mira who tried to salvage her friendship with Sheillah who we reckon was falling for Nhlanhla as much as the lady doth protest.

We reckon still waters were running deep with ‘scheme’ mates Mira and Nhlanhla. Could theirs be a subliminal attraction?

We were not ready for just the volume of shenanigans that ensued when the housemates, steeped under the influence, tore away from their steamy session on the dance floor at the Channel O party. Probably more suitably referred to as truth serum, alcohol certainly took a hold the housemates.

This was only the tip of the iceberg as other housemates were also getting remarkably frisky after that party.

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