WATCH: Samini’s ‘godfather’ Sonni Balli Returns With New Single ‘Frienemy’

Renowned Ghanaian Reggae/Ragga/Dancehall musician and godfather to Samini, Sonni Balli aka the Ragga Don is back from a musical hiatus.

The musician revered for his contribution to the genre in Ghana returns with a new single titled Frienemy. The new single Frienemy is the first single off his highly anticipated  EP, E Motions.

Sonni Ballis’s desire for strong rhythmic beats and bass melodies allowed him to sing his story.

“Frienemy” is a strong street anthem, an energetic fusion of reggae dancehall and Afrobeats, backed by Sonni Balli’s euphonious vocals delivering a clear message to all that hear him as he chants “Bun The Bad Energy”.

A consistent theme throughout Sonni Balli’s music as he focuses on producing an assortment of vibrant music intended to tell the story of his heart whilst spicing the dance floor with another party anthem but remaining conscious of his higher calling.

Frienemy takes on the challenge of reminding us of our dark side and pulls the listener into the light. A realm of higher understanding in a space we all are happy to enjoy a good party with positive vibes and good music.

Frienemy is brought to you by Sonni Balli through a driving beat and the hype and energy you would expect. “Bun The Bad Energy”.

Frienemy  is written and performed by Sonaballi, produced and recorded by Black Diamond released by Bad Hobbits Entertainments Ltd.

Watch the video for Frienemy from below.

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