Wait!! Was Beyonce Ever Pregnant??

I know Jigga would not be so happy to read this only if he does and might want to take us on but do we really care in a country where we have the likes of Laywer Tsatsu Tsikata and Lawyer Addison? Lol, anyway, let’s move to the substantive issues.

With so much news around the golden girl Blue Ivy, it can be recalled that close to two years ago, news went viral on the pregnancy of Beyoncé Knowles, and then followed by rumors about a fake baby bump and the brouhaha about tight security on the day of delivery. Beyonce

More than a year down the lane with Blue Ivy being able to “shower on her own without assistance”, I still feel the Queen Bey was never pregnant. It could be that she adopted a baby or had a surrogate mother. Let’s look at it from these angles.

Talking from an obstetric point of view, a woman naturally gains an average of 12 kilos from the 20th week till the end of the pregnancy. The weight gain from the first 20 weeks is 2kg and 0.5kg per week in the last 20 weeks. Spare me some time to further explain this. The breakdown is as follows; Foetus 3.4kg, Liquor Amnii 0.6kg, Placenta 0.6kg, Uterus 0.9kg, Breast 0.5kg, Increased blood volume 1.5kg, extra cellular fluid 1.0kg, Fat 3.5kg summing up to 12kg. From this, one can clearly say Beyoncé was never pregnant. Let’s compare pregnant Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé when she was pregnant. We can clearly see that Kim has gained an average of 12 kilos or even more and Beyoncé gained only a couple. Her body never evolved like a true pregnant woman.

Also, there was this footage of her pregnant belly folding in on itself when she appeared on an Aussie TV in 2011. For Christ’s sake, the skin over the abdomen becomes ‘abnormally’ hard which makes it impossible for it fold. That sure was a baby bump!

Somewhere in February 2013, we had the chance to watch her documentary- life is but a dream and saw some footages of her pregnancy. The documentary had me thinking again. In the parts where her body was shown in full, it was grainy, black and white in which her face was shadowed. Beyoncé was trying to prove ‘us’ wrong but why do it this way?

On the day of delivery:

We are told baby Blue was born in the Lennox Hill Hospital on a Saturday night. Then came the commotion which kept parents out of the NICU, cameras were sealed to prevent pictures and videos of baby blue from coming out but I think they were just preventing the Beehive from knowing the truth. Bodyguards treated the hospital like an exclusive nightclub. A Brooklyn dad, Neil Coulon was barred from seeing his newborn set of twins in the NICU because of the Carters’ tight private security. He claimed they cleared the entire sixth floor waiting room which implies they prevented not only parents but relatives from seeing their relations. The Carters reportedly paid 1.3 million dollars to take over the entire wing of the hospital to ensure privacy. I know money is not a problem to them but why pay such a huge sum of money if you were indeed pregnant for a wing? You could have delivered in a private maternity home which would have been less that amount to save money for a poor nation in Africa and to ensure your super tight privacy and that of the other parents.

I know the Bees from the Beyhive will pounce on me after reading this but I know they have been yearning to know the truth.

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