Wanlov and M3nsa Are Bringing Adisadel to The Limelight – Former Speaker of Parliament

Wanlov and Mensa
Wanlov and Mensa

Despite huge chastisement by many Ghanaians on the leaked nude picture of the Fokn Bois, Wanluv and M3nsa, former first Deputy Speaker of the Ghanaian Parliament and Santa Clausian Freddie Blay seems to share a different view and sees nothing wrong with eccentric afro music duo ‘Wanluv da Kubolor’ and ‘M3nsa’ posing nude for the cameras.

In an interview with Moro Awudu, Host of XYZ Breakfast Show , on Tuesday that: “I’ve seen it [the nude picture] in the papers and so forth. They went nude. Fortunately not in Ghana [but] somewhere else – maybe at a nude beach. They had the pictures which they kept for themselves and maybe their close ones and it’s found its way in the public. I won’t condemn it because they’ve gone nude. What’s wrong with it?”

Freddie Blay, a three-time former Legislator and an old student of Adisadel College (Santa Clausian) where the Fokn Bois schooled said: “They are stars. They are celebrities in their own way. They attract attention. They do things that they want to do in their own way”.

Answering questions if he believed the behaviour by the duo wasn’t dragging the name of their alma mater in the mud, Blay said: “I don’t think so. On the contrary – not just because they have gone naked – the songs they are singing, the music they are playing, everything they are doing is bringing the name of Adisadel to [the limelight]. Adisadel people do things, sometimes, in a very unorthodox way. Maybe we shouldn’t condemn them for that”.

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