Video: My Husband Doesn’t Want Me To Do Music Or Anything That Comes With It – Lousika Opens Up

When last did you hear a musical project from Ghanaian rapper Lousika?

Well, I guess it’s been a pretty long while. Well, as passionate as she is about her music, the rapper has explained the exact reason for her hiatus.

Speaking in a  new interview on BTM Afrika,  Lousika revealed her husband was the very reason for her inactiveness.

“The main reason why I’m not really out there like that is that first of all my husband doesn’t even want it so when I hear all those people talking, I’m like you people don’t even know,” she said.

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“When I came to Ghana, my family wasn’t even into the music thing but I was like whatever I’ll still do my thing but when you’re married it’s different,” she added.

According to her, her husband has not directly told her to put her dream on hold but “you guys have this thing you do without saying it but you mean it”.

She revealed that wasn’t the case in the early stages when she got married.

“At first when we got married, it wasn’t the case. I thought I’d still be married and still be doing my thing but I guess he doesn’t like everything that comes with it. Maybe it’s the timing. I’m still under 30. I’m 27, I don’t feel like it’s too late for me.

Although she’s unable to follow the passion as she wanted, Lousika is happy as she’s still making some good money from building an empire with the husband. She also believes she could still live her dreams through others.

She also revealed she has a home studio with the latest equipment where she records often.