Video: Indians & Pakistanis love ‘You Too Fine’ by Bosheba d’ Shyne

Ghana’s Afro Pop music is becoming a household name and thanks to Ghana and Nigeria for lifting the flag so high. The combination of these two countries has produced excellence in that genre of music. bo

From these two countries come another hit making joint – ‘You Too Fine’ by Bosheba d’ Shyne from Ghana featuring his Nigerian counterpart, Shalom.

The song, ‘You Too Fine’ is new song which is rapidly gaining air play across the country and with this Yule tide around the corner, it will be right to say that, “this is the song for the moment”. The song was produced under MCKY Entertainment.

Bosheba d’ Shyne is one of the unique Hip Life / Afro Pop stars who have been around for a long time, pushing the trend and culture of the genre of music which has brought Ghana glory.

He is also the CEO of Black Money Records (BMR), a record label which is grooming and nurturing upcoming artistes.

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