(Video) I Might As Well Quit Comedy If I Have To Censor Every Joke – OB Amponsah

Ghanaian comedian and optometrist OB Amponsah will not censor his jokes just because a few individuals feel offended.

Currently one of the most sought after Ghanaian comedians, OB Amponsah believes comedians must be free to express themselves without any fear or intimidation since they mirror exactly what happens in society.

Speaking an in an exclusive interview with NY DJ after the Xtreme Comedy, an annual comedy show held in Kumasi on May 1, 2022, the comedian who recently came under an attack from one Louisa (wife of journalist, Israel Laryea) revealed he might as well quit comedy should he censor every joke.

“I might as well quit because every joke I say would be offensive to somebody. If people understand jokes to be jokes, they will take them as jokes. I’m not censoring anything. If I feel (like) this is funny and I should talk about it, I will. I talk about everybody; presidents, musicians, spiritual people. Nobody is off being made fun of although I try as much as possible not to tackle issues that are very sensitive like rape, disabled etc… I try as much as possible to do jokes that are least offensive and even if you find it offensive, you laugh over it and not take it too personal…”

The comedian also spoke about possible plans of doing comedy as a full-time profession, upcoming events and more.

Watch the full interview below.

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