Based On Real Events: Top 4 Movies About Famous Athletes

Watching sports is extremely entertaining. It gets even more thrilling when you’re also betting on your favourite athlete via Bet22 during such competitions. And watching movies related to this topic is a way to please your day.

Raging Bull, 1980

The story is based on the autobiography of an Italian-American boxer Jake LaMotta, which recounts the rise and fall of a talented champion, accompanied by a break-up with his family and friends, the loss of money he earned and even his human dignity. LaMotta himself, after watching the movie, confessed that the movie truthfully showed how awful a man he was. Two Oscar statuettes and a Golden Globe attest to the high level of production and the energy that the actors and director put into the film.

Rocky, 1976

Rocky was released back in 1976 and the whole aesthetic of the movie is infinitely far removed from what we are used to in modern blockbusters. The grim streets of Philadelphia, the filthy and shabby setting, the troubled characters, the complex dialogue, the offbeat jokes. If the ending had been as originally intended – with the hero leaving the box, the movie would have been considered arthouse at all. But the masterpiece made 30-year-old Sylvester Stallone a global star.

Here’s an interesting fact. The actor wrote the script himself, taking as a basis the fight for the title of world heavyweight champion between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner in 1975. In reality, the underdog Wepner lost but managed to send Ali down.

Cinderella Man, 2005

The master of heartwarming biographical pictures, Ron Howard has repeatedly turned to the stories of athletes, so we can’t help but mention Cinderella Man, based on the memories of American boxer James Braddock.

Braddock is considered one of America’s sporting heroes, his example of overcoming once served as a spirit-lifting act for an entire country mired in the gloom of the Great Depression. This boxer had already practically left the ring after a series of heavy defeats, but by the will of fate he turned out to be in demand again. James got his second chance and, overcoming the injuries, problems in his personal life and taunts of his rivals, he reached the champion title. The movie wasn’t too successful at the box office but remained in the memory of viewers and critics. Thanks in no small part to the inspired performance of Russell Crowe.

The Blind Side, 2009

While the majority of biographical pictures tell about what athletes have to overcome inside and outside competitions, John Lee Hancock’s The Blind Side stands out from its genre counterparts by its unusual choice of central characters.

The sports drama about a young American soccer player, Michael Ore, focuses not on the young athlete himself, but on his guardians, the Tooey family, who took it upon themselves to support Ore as a teenager. Sandra Bullock as Lee Ann has quite deservedly collected a bouquet of prestigious film awards for this movie.

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