Video: Call Me If You Need Anything – Steve Harvey ‘Adopts’ Kenyan Comedian Elsa Majimbo

Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo has a new uncle in Steve Harvey!

Not only was it a great moment for Kenyan comedian, social media influencer, and brand ambassador Elsa Majimbo to sit with Steve Harvey for an interview, it was also an amazing moment to foster relationships beyond social media as the host of Family Feud announced his intent to adopt the 20-year-old comedian.

Amazed by the social comedian (Elsa) who has fast become an overnight sensation, Steve Harvey assured Elsa of his unflinching support and asked her to reach out to her should she ever need anything.

None Of My Family Members Finds Me Funny – Elsa Majimbo

“Now this is what Imma do to you. Imma adopt you as my niece. Imma give you my phone number, I don’t care what you need. If you need anything, you need a place to go, you need some help, you need some advice, you wanna talk to somebody, you call me. I’m serious and I won’t let anything happen to you…,but Else, you’ve got an Uncle in the United States. Anytime you need something, Uncle Steve got you ” Steve said.

Elsa made an appearance on a new episode of Watch with Steve. Watch the video below.

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