TV Talk Show Host Delay Reveals Why She Quit Radio

Popular Ghanaian TV Talk Show host Deloris Frimpong Manso well known as Delay has revealed why she quit radio.

Often tagged controversial, the host of Delay Show opened up to a Twitter interview where she answered random questions from her followers.

One of the exciting conversations that caught our eye was that between radio personality Rev. Erskine and Delay.

Asked why she quit radio, Delay revealed she did so to pursue her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Just like many others, Delay didn’t quit without a plan at hand. She had already started her entrepreneurial journey by venturing into a food business alongside her talk show.

Very successful at what she does now, does she regret not quitting radio earlier for her entrepreneurial calling?

The answer is a big NO. According to Delay, the timing was perfect and that she has no regrets at all.

Delay as she is affectionately known hosts one of the most popular television talk shows in Ghana. Prior to her TV journey, she worked with a number of radio stations including Life FM, Top Radio, Oman FM and a few others.

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