Truecaller Releases API!

no-background-truecaller-api-smallGobal phone directory and application Truecaller has announced the release of its much anticipated API.

The Truecaller API is a great initiative intended to benefit the future of technology.

The Truecaller API will be released to handpicked developers (the API will never be available for companies associated with telemarketing or spam). The API allows only for reverse number lookup, which means that the developers can attach a name to a known number. It also returns a “Spam score” to indicate if the number is a likely spammer (telesales or robocalls) and a “True score” to indicate how important the number is.

How can the Truecaller API be used?

Scrive, a leading cloud e-signing company is one of the companies who have been trying the Truecaller API. Scrive is using the Truecaller API as one of the important parameters in their e-signing process. “With Truecaller’s API we are able to more accurately validate the identity behind a phone number. Much more accurately than is possible with any other phone number registry out there.” says Lukas Duczko, CEO at Scrive.

Other ways the Truecaller API can be used are for call centers to identify incoming numbers by name, verify user information, and many more possibilities.

Truecaller handpicks developers that are in line with Truecaller’s mission and supplies value to their users. Truecaller will not consider telemarketing companies for any access to their API and the API does not include name search, which will remain a mobile app feature only.

For more information about Truecaller’s API, go to

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