Tim Westwood Fingered In Strings of Allegations; Petition Opened To Investigate Him

Veteran broadcaster  Tim Westwood is at the centre of a number of allegations regarding inappropriate behaviour with young fans.

The radio figure has long been a pivotal figure in the hip-hop and rap landscape, with his voice becoming a signature for generations of fans.

Alongside this, though, the broadcaster has become a lightning rod for numerous allegations surrounding his behaviour.

Megan Thee Stallion appeared on his show last year and was shocked by Westwood’s remarks and his lascivious tongue movements.

Calling out his behaviour, it seems that his patterns of behaviour resemble an iceberg – there’s a lot more going on under the surface.

Across the weekend a number of other allegations surfaced on Twitter, leading to a number of significant figures within Black British culture and beyond calling him out:

As a white broadcaster, Tim Westwood has undoubtedly played his role in popularising and supporting hip-hop – and more generally rap as an art form – in this country, but it feels like his time is up.

A petition has since been opened to have him investigated.

Tim Westwood Responds To Damning Allegations Against Him