The height of irresponsible parenting | Kid offered Guinness by proud parents

Kid drinking Guinness

At times, I wonder what goes on in the minds of some parents and wish they had not given birth in the first place. Surprised at my outburst?

My introduction might be harsh but what at all in the name of Christ (only if you believe in him) would make a parent proudly offer a kid a bottle of Guinness after refusing to accept a bottle of water? Well, it’s supposed to be sold  to people above 18 years and there’s no regulation as to who drinks it.

This morning, a colleague sent me a video which I know would soon go viral because of the sheer wickedness exhibited by the supposed adults (allegedly parents) who boldly kept this act of absurdity on tape.

In the 57 seconds video, the kid is seen refusing a bottle of water and opting for a bottle of Guinness as he cries. The parents teasingly take the bottle away from him and as heard in the video, the lady asks for the child to be given the bottle of Guinness again. They again laugh it off as they proudly tape this act of irresponsibility.

I know definitely Guinness Ghana cannot be held responsible for this act, neither can the bartender who sold out the bottle but the least said about the parents, the better.

This act leaves me to think this might not be the first time the kid is being given the alcoholic beverage since he seems to gulp it so easily, something I could not do at age 25 and still can’t do.

Well, check out the video and tell me what you think.

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