The Church Must Support And Appreciate Their Talents – Diana A. Hamilton

Mo Ne  Yo hit maker Diana Antwi Hamilton has asked that pastors support and appreciate various talents within their churches.

A product of the Church of Pentecost, Diana A. Hamilton  in an exclusive interview with NY DJ on BTM Afrika revealed how supportive her church has been and how they continue to open their doors for her till date.

Explaining how relevant the church was to the development of talents, the musician who recently released W’asem shared her encounter on her 13th birthday.

“On my 13th birthday, I sang a song I had learnt from school in church and that’s when everybody knew   I could sing. That’s when I knew I could sing to people,” she said.

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Asked if the church was a good grounds to expose her talent she answered saying;

“The church  gave me the opportunity to unearth that talent and they still give me the opportunity. I just need to turn up or show up.”

She advised Gospel musicians to have  a church, a home.

“That’s why I advise every musician to have a church, a home because Church of Pentecost was my home. That’s where I started.  That’s where I rehearse. Before you hear me sing any soon out there,  I would have done it in my church”

Diana A. Hamilton also advised pastors to cherish and appreciate the various talents in their churches.

“And I would say that the pastors should encourage their members , their singers, give them the platform , let them feel good, use them well, respect them  and let them be useful in the church . It’s a training grounds and hold them well because when you hold them, that’s when they shine for the world to see and it brings back glory  to the church

Watch full interview from below.

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