Spreading Love Foundation Puts Smiles On The Faces Of Royal Seed Orphanage

With a penchant to put smiles on the faces of kids who through no fault of theirs are unable to assess some basic necessities of life, Spreading Love Foundation visited and spent time at the Royal Seed Orphanage at Kasoa in Ghana to share and show love with the beautiful kids.

Aside from spending precious time with the children, Spreading Love Foundation donated gift several items including Baby food (Nan1), Cups, Blades, Vacuum flakes, Clothes (0-19), Slippers, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Baby formula, Diapers, Wipes, Books, Buckets, Pails, Sponge, Bowls & cutleries, School supplies (pencils, calculators, rulers, colouring books, crayons/coloured pencils, watercolour paints).

The foundation also gifted the orphanage some money to help run the orphanage.

The gesture is just one of many by Spreading Love Foundation in the past couple of years.

Spreading Love Foundation is a non-governmental agency domiciled in the United States of America but with strong ties to Ghana where most of their donations have been made.

It is currently financed by like-minded and passionate individuals who love to spread love through giving, putting smiles on the faces of many and bringing joy to the hearts of many.

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Watch a slide show of the presentations from below.