SMEs Urged To Adopt GrEEn Resources To Accelerate Ghana’s Economy

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in the Ashanti Region have been urged to adopt the green concept in growing their business.

Speaking at a green business clinic held in Kumasi, the head of SMEs and business banking at CalBank, Daniel Appiah advised businesses to harness renewable and eco-friendly resources.

“With depleting and limited natural resources, businesses harnessing renewable and eco-friendly resources would facilitate their restoration,” he said.

“SMEs as we all keep on saying are the engine of growth for the economy and they are the ones who do a lot more in the economy, they produce more and when you come to a place like Kumasi, how many big corporates do you find around? You’ll find about ninety per cent of the businesses in SMEs. SMEs also complain about the cost of doing business. Once they go green, it means they are also finding ways and means of reducing their operational cost of being more efficient and making money.”

The business clinic afforded businesses an opportunity to explore green financing options.

This according to the bank would facilitate the reduced cost of business expenditure and ultimately accelerate Ghana’s green economy. 

Head of Corporate Relations at CalBank, Abraham Jani said;

“We decided to go green and in doing that we actually partnered with some BFI’s, i.e IFC’s and AFD to get the adequate funding to support the green project. What the product basically is, is a tailor-made product that is structured to support green investment. So from renewable energy projects to energy efficiency projects or even general projects that would have an environmental impact, we support that. The added feature is that we are giving lower interest rates on such facilities.”

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