“Save The Youth from Dubai, South Africa and Foreign Culture”- Nana Yaw Wiredu Writes

2019 has been dubbed “The Year of Return” by the Republic of Ghana as it marks exactly 400 years since the first set of black men and women were sent out of the motherland as slaves.

The call for the return of all who share in the heritage of Africa has well been preached but the question on the minds of many is, “Is home ready to accumulate all the sons and daughters who were sold out as slaves?”

In a piece, Nana Yaw Wiredu pens a letter to the Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture.

Read on and share your comments with us.

Dear Madam,

Have you seen the latest tourism move by other countries such as Dubai, South Africa, Etc to use our Ghanaian celebrities, bloggers, media men and women to push their tourist centers in their countries to Ghanaians.

May be you have not paid attention so I will help you.

For some time now I have been monitoring how a lot of celebrities organize trips to Dubai and other countries with a special package for their fans /Followers.

Most of these trips are powered by a certain travel and tour company who is offering a very good discount for everything.

The latest one is “House party” in Dubai.

Also, recently I have monitored how one media mogul leads a group of young bloggers and media personnels to visit South Africa to promote their tourism.

What all these celebrities are doing is good because it’s another form of entertainment; hey! Who will not want to visit Dubai or South Africa for less cost or just to blog about tourist centers.

My little research shows that those who travel to South Africa 🇿🇦 are taken care of fully from Visa, flight down to accommodation and food. My source told me that all they have to do is promote the tourist centers in South Africa on their pages in social media.

Madam minister that is sweet, imagine all these bloggers who sit on a 240K followers on Instagram and They promote South Africa tourist centers to a Ghanaian audience, Madam, Ghanaians will be enticed to travel to South Africa.

Also, For those who visit Dubai, they go and visits the beautiful places in Dubai and get knowledge about the country’s tourism. (Madam, The Dubai culture will soon influence our youth, just wait for 5 years more if these trips keep happening) 🤣🤣🤣.

So Tourism Minister and her Ambassadors you are failing us o. My question is, why can’t we adopt this style of promoting tourism and use it here.

What is stopping us from bridging the gap between celebrities and our travel and tour companies to organize Something like “TravelAroundGhana”.

I know individually, some travel and tour companies do it but it’s on the low and mostly for foreigners.

Imagine the number of followers our Ambassadors have, if they are to put together a package(Bus, Accommodation, food and entertainment) for fans to join them to visit other tourist centers in the country by now our youth will be championing the tourism agenda.

Also Minister, if we can also adopt the Travel 2 South Africa approach by taking a group of bloggers, media men and women on an all expenses paid trip to different tourist centers in the country, they will blog and share these places with followers and fans. 
You want to push tourism, start from the youth- we spread messages better than any one. 
(Example – Tidal rave party by Eco House- Every year a lot of youth travel out of Accra to have the best beach party of their life yet and they love it).
Another example is 4Syte TV’s Easter escape party – the youth patronized it so well.

As for Kwahu di3 minister Bliss on the hill should tell you that it will work.

Madam, imagine if all the tourist centers are renovated for such frequent trips, can you count the revenue streams and flows you would have created?

What if we try it as an exchange programe between the regions. Move young people from East to West, North to South and vice versa. Don’t do it in Accra only; For every region has a tourist center that is left to rot.

It is good to bring Ghanaians in diaspora home and take them round but focus on home too for our celebrities are changing our culture by taking us to Dubai very frequently while South Africa is leveraging on our media to promote their country here in Ghana.

Madam Minister if possible support Ghana music awards organizers to bring fans from other regions to Accra to also come watch their favorite musicians win and perform at the 20th Anniversary of VGMA, after all it’s all tourism.

God bless our homeland 🇬🇭

Peace ✌️

About the writer: Nana Yaw Wiredu is an arts writer and artist manager.

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