Really? I need an energetic boyfriend urgently– Sacked Former Deputy Minister


The fact that she was sacked does not prevent her from getting emotional and sexual satisfaction. In fact, she needs it and reports the following;

Barely a week after reporting her boyfriend to the police for alleged assault and thievery, the former Deputy Minister for Communications, Victoria Hammah is now searching for a new lover.

According to the sacked deputy minister, she is now single and ready to mingle but would want an energetic man who is ready to make a family.

Speaking on STARR FM, the naturally endowed Victoria Hammah said her preferred man must have the features of Ghana’s first president, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, and must be very stylish in bed.

Described by many as “sexy Vicky”, the former deputy minister opined that her search for a new boyfriend is urgent after asking the host of STARR Drive to hook her up live on air.

“I am aggressively searching for a man to marry. I am not growing any younger,” she told Bola Ray.

News went viral last week that the former Deputy Minister for Communications had stormed the Dansoman Police Station in Accra and reported her boyfriend to the police after they had allegedly disagreed on an issue about sexual positions.

Victoria was said to have told the police that Frimpong Dardo had beaten her up and stolen an unspecified amount of money.

When Frimpong Dardo was arrested, it was reported by the Daily Guide newspaper that Dardo had told the police that “Victoria was his girlfriend; but they were having problems because Victoria suggested a certain manner of sex-styles, with which he refused to cooperate with her, so Victoria started insulting him.”

However, because of Victoria’s fame, the case has been referred to one Lance Corporal Angela Quartey for an amicable settlement.

The outspoken and pleasant-faced Vicky also indicated that she prefers a man with “intellectual interest” and who “believes in God fundamentally.”

“I am quite a complicated woman. I love politics so the man should accept it and appreciate what comes with it. Every now and then you catch public eye and a lot of unfounded allegations coming out against you so the man must have the guts and be strong in that regard.

“He should be funny, because it’s quite stressful being out there and standing your guts as a woman, especially in politics, so you need a man who can complement that kind of stress,” she added.

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