R. Kelly Evicted From Alleged “Sex-Cult” Mansion

R. Kelly has been evicted from one of his mansions in Georgia. According to The Daily Mail, the reason behind his eviction is due to a failure of payment in back rent at the cost of $23,084.90 and $2,308.49 in late fees. The back rent has also just built up over the course of two months alone.

The mansion had appeared to be left abandoned when the notice was served on Tuesday. No one was in the home, and the rooms were left bare and empty. Sources also say that Kelly has been taking a huge financial hit as a result of the accusation of his involvement as a leader of a sex cult leader in the home being evicted. It was reported that the home is where he held victims, and that he had an apartment nearby where he hid victims when guests came to visit.

Previously, Kelly had made major changes to the home which included turning a room into a cigar bar and another into a basketball court but it seems that it is pointless now as he is facing charges for damages done to the home.

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