My Store Aid Officially Launched In Kumasi

My Store Aid, an innovative in-store app that enables retailers and store owners to improve inventory management, block profit leakage and grow their business has officially been launched in Kumasi.

My Store Aid App seeks to assist retailers in their quest for success by rendering the requisite support. This would, in turn, enhance the efficiency and accountability of their business.

Moreover, retailers are empowered and the provided support helps them optimize opportunities to scale their businesses.

The app performs a wide range of tasks. Some of which involves the provision of comprehensive in-store inventory management and information on sales and purchases trends. It also helps analyse profit, manage stocks, track credits and render management reports among others.

In addition to these, the app addresses the challenges of store owners that limit their productivity. These challenges sometimes make owning and running a business difficult.

Some of these challenges include; fear of mismanagement when the owner is not available in person at the store, credit tracking, expired products on shelves among others.

The App addresses some of these challenges by keeping track of sales, addressing employee theft and helping users track stock movement from branches and warehouses.

My Store Aid is recommended for drink stores, bars, wine and liquor shops, restaurants, provision stores, pharmacies and chemical shops.

Subscribers and users in their reviews have praised My Store Aid App for operating to consumer satisfaction, just as their tag implies – ‘the perfect app to grow your business

“A fantastic retail app! The app works great and made to suit my needs of monitoring sales, inventory keeping, margin calculations, knowing the fastest moving products and much more. I can now have peace of mind when I am not even in the shop. Great customer support! I just love the app”, Jackie a satisfied subscriber said.

Andrew Tsiri Tei-Aguh adding his experience said, “months back when we were operating without any sales software tool, we had lots of challenges. i.e loss of products, money and difficulty in tracking down creditors. Thanks to My Store Aid, we now have everything at our fingertips. We no longer worry about missing goods and we now know our profit and losses”.

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