Mother’s Day Poem: Dear Mum

As the world celebrates mothers today. Portia Arthur takes to this creatively crafted poetry.

The fortune teller feared to proclaim the prophesy

His mouth could not utter what his hazel eyes saw

How long can this news be a mystery?

Right from conception to delivery, the wicked hunted for your blood

The carrier embarked on an unexpected lord of the rings journey to keep you safe

The wizard of Oz left an indelible mark on your physique

But that is not a challenge to you at all; it is a blessing in disguise

Just as you are, you do not rest on your laurels

Just as the rain falls on earth, produces good yield for the populace, you are a celestial being and an inspiration for the oppressed

Your beauty can be compared to that of the full moon, so enduring, so serene and perfect

Your children are just like the sun, bright and unique

Your eagle eye watches over your own even in a needle’s hole

Living in a human world, you put your family first and their needs above all things

All I promise is to make to you proud, mama. I love you.

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