More Than A Beach Rave ~ Key Learnings For Ghanaian Brands From Tidal Rave

Music festivals and raves have scaled beyond sponsorships and parties; they have become a platform for brands and agencies to execute innovative strategies for multi-level interactions that will touch consumers at different touch points. In Ghana, one of such events is Tidal Rave.

Tidal Rave is organized and hosted by EchoHouse Ghana Limited, Ghana’s premiere full service creative youth agency. The festival started as a beach party 6 years ago and has evolved into Ghana’s primary beach festival. It has redefined beach festivals, incorporating road trips, street and all-night concerts. 

Tidal Rave has become one of the most anticipated events in July. Reaching over 5 million people on Twitter and 684k people on Facebook, the opportunities for brands exist both offline and online.  On average, the Tidal Rave promo video gained 14,000 views on Facebook only. 

Brands need to take advantage of this and capitalize on executing innovative ideas that will ensure results. Traditionally, sponsorship of Ghanaian music festivals has been limited to putting your logos on marketing materials with barely any interaction; these are important, but not sufficient. Tidal Rave has consistently created tailored experiences that target each brand’s core audience beyond marketing materials. With an estimated 10,000 people passing through the event, brands need more than fliers and t-shirts to capture the attention of consumers. Consumers wander on-site looking for surprises and fun activities, and that’s what you need to deliver.


Activating with Tech: Awareness, promotion and engagement. These are essential for any brand, and now more than ever, it’s important for brands to leverage off technology to reach their consumers.  To launch their 25Under25, an extension of their Vodafone X product, Vodafone in 2017 activated “The Mystery Door” a 3D interactive booth that engaged consumers, a video directed activation that gave consumers a preview of what was to come.  The booth was erected in the middle of the events grounds, inviting the curious; all who entered were shown videos that were directly linked to the themes and ideas behind 25Under25. More than 3000 people were reached on the festival day only. The Mystery Door provided the brand with the opportunity to play with technology and private entertainment, both relevant to their audience while still marketing their services.

Experiential Brand Moments: According to an Eventbrite survey from 2016, more than 78% of millennials will rather spend money on an experience than on tangible things, and 69% believe attending live events and experiences will make them more connected to other people. This means music festivals are still one of the best ways for you to connect with their audience, one of the brands that have lived this completely is Close Up. Playing on their Cool Breeze product, Close Up set up a games arena at Tidal Rave, including the very innovative human foosball. If you’re going to be close up in people’s faces, why not have a fresher than mint breathe with close up? An estimated 5000 people played the different games available. It was a fun way to sell and carry their message across without necessarily pushing it in peoples’ faces.

Beyond The Basics: People are curious and playful. This also means you only have their attention for a short while. Statistically, you have their attention for just 8 seconds, and whatever impression you make is what they hold once they leave you. So, why not extend your traditional on-the-ground activation? Nielsen’s Music 360 Report 2017 stated that “49% of people answered that they would view a company more favourably if it offered a free giveaway at a music event” and that’s what Shandy did. Shandy sampled over 6000 people, giving out free bottles, ensuring that for the festival period, Shandy was linked to having a fun, relaxed time at the beach.

Tidal Rave is a great environment for immersive brand activations, every year; EchoHouse creates and implements activations that guarantee you eyeballs and engagement. As Ghana’s premiere youth agency, EchoHouse offers solutions based on insight and learning gleaned from years of working within the youth industry. You can find out more on , reach them on or 0249185103 to find out more about Tidal Rave, EchoHouse, strategic executions and how you can capitalize on it. 

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