MC Berima Sean Bills Talks The Adverse Effects of Covid-19 On Ghana’s Night life Scene

Berima Sean Bills, MC for Twist nightclub MC  and music label executive at Twist Entertainment Legacy says the recent Corona Pandemic has severely affected the nightlife and music scene.

The bubbly host in an interview with Enewsgh said, “The subject matter on everyone’s lips and keyboard is the corona virus or the covid-19 outbreak. It is affecting the heartbeat of the hospitality industry, which is a significant segment of the tourism sector in general. It is the converging point for art, music, pleasure and fashion. The nightlife industry has helped generate revenue for government through local authorities, businessmen and entrepreneurs even the recent Year of Return.”

“In Ghana, for instance, all bars and clubs have been ordered to shutdown therefore the DJs, promoters, bartenders and other staff members of the nightlife industry are taking a financial hit.” He added

The city’s vibrant nightlife scene, which plays a key role in driving the country’s tourism, hospitality and Food & Beverage industries, is also badly hit – he disclosed

On what DJS, MCs and Nightlife stakeholders should do in hard times like this, he said “Performers must find new ways to get by… So, DJs, MCs and other stakeholders should use their social media to reach their target who frequent their various nightlife locations. Brands can also use nightlife personalities to push their various products. All these will immensely help influence art emerging from the outbreak and document the social adjustment people are making to stay safe.”

Known for his moniker “Wogyiii” the hype man with finesse as he is widely called is also the host of Muse Africa’s Muse Tops, which is the premium Ghana countdown show aired every Saturday at 8:00 pm on VMN formerly Kwese TV.

He is expected to release his official second single in coming days after making a huge impact with his first single Bigging (“Y3 w) kese3”) featuring Friyie and Broni which had an endorsement from Floyd May weather.